Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Debut Citroen DS3 Kenzo

Debut Citroen DS3 Kenzo
At Citroen DS3 have the difficult role, he must show the desire of the company bonus, and must compete with such giants sector as a MINI Cooper. In addition, DS3 first car in the range of DS, which should pave the way for all other models.

One of the features DS3 is its flexibility, ie and exterior and interior of the car can be almost completely customized to fit needs of a client, thus giving its own aura of each version.

Moreover, the French decided to start cooperation with the company KENZO, more famous for its perfume and exclusive clothes. Therefore, version Citroen DS3 Kenzo has exceptional graphics on the body, especially on the roof, as this topic is carried over into the passenger compartment, affecting the front and rear seats. Unfortunately, Citroen DS3 Kenzo did not get the serial output as a single specimen.

But this is not the only such project last spring, the French designer Yves Saint Laurent also created for Citroen DS3 exclusive and unique look. This vehicle is currently used for meetings especially important guests who attend the parades or other modes.
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