Thursday, August 26, 2010

SPESIFIKASI VolksWagen Sportcar

SPESIFIKASI VolksWagen Sportcar

There is good news, here. Volkswagen finally got sportcar.factory agreed with the German cars Porsche is in a group to work together to build a sports car using the platform of the Porsche.

In fact, rumors have circulated in September. VW will use the platform mentioned Panamera with their homemade body. With it have a body, needs not only for VW only, can also be used in Bentley, Bugatti, or Audi.

In this project relies on VW platforms developed by Porsche with the Standard Modular Platform (MSB, in the German material). Machines were in front, but it was likely to move depending on the position of the powerplant used longitudinal or transverse.

It is said that this platform as a mainstay and will be in the VW Group's share to other products, like for the next generation Panamera, Cayenne and Bentley models.

Porsche decided to use this platform, the most important for cost savings. Because, with one platform can be used for several brands in the premium segment.

Do not ask about the price, would be produced only when there has been no signal from the German principals.
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