Saturday, January 8, 2011



thump with her boyfriend when modifying a car, make this girl would not want to go change his Honda Jazz.

"Not content with it if only to see a girlfriend's favorite vehicle to modify the course, I also want to follow-up," said Dewi Ruray Masyita to detikOto in Makassar, South Sulawesi, several days ago.

Then, the woman who is familiarly called goddess rose directly remodel Honda Jazz
the year 2009. Concept be appointed modifications are tailored elegance with everyday needs. But it's not the boyfriend chimed alone.

"I do a lot of debris, only tailored to the needs, but still matched," said one medical student university in Makassar.

The first step is to patch up the whole car bent with Noblesse body kit with a color that harmonized with the color of the car. Once completed, and beautify the area of the legs.

Reorganized is one of the rim. STD rim stripped and replaced with a rim size of 17 with a bandage SSW accelera tires 205 per 40. Meanwhile, in parts per car, per custom Goddess trust.

"For part of that one guy I recommend wear per custom," said Dewi get along with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, to beautify the front, which has seen the car Jazz was awarded the headlamp type R. And do not forget to the stern precisely mufflers, Goddess of using replica Garson. Not bad, although the similarity almost same, but still look different.

After external affairs is now headed into the finish. Well, to accommodate
Dewi driving pleasure was pinned leather MBtech throughout the interior with glossy black motif. Plus MTX 10-inch subwoofer with four channels fulltone power.

While the head unit, the Goddess not just change its form. He retains the authenticity of his personal car. "I let Interior standards alone, I'll still have the original impression," said the woman's original Ternate who also maintain the integrity of 1500 cc VTEC engine.

Thats Goddess desire not to be a spectator only. In all, the Goddess must set aside funds amounting to Rp 15 million.
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