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SPESIFIKASI Mobill ALfa Romeo | Mobil Jadul | Futurustik

SPESIFIKASI Mobill ALfa Romeo | Mobil Jadul | Futurustik

Concept car that is often exhibited by a manufacturer-car manufacturers often appear extremely futuristic. It is not only happening in the present course.

Because the cars epoch can also find out he has a futuristic ideas though made in the old days when technology was not as sophisticated as this.

Innovation concept cars that was both design and technology also deserves thumbs up. Below we present seven older but the concept car concept futuristic:

1. B.A.T. 7

The car that was launched in Turin in 1954 uses three Alfa Romeo cars as a base Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica designed by Franco Scaglione of the famous design house Bertone.

With half-closed and the wheels on the rear wing, BAT 7 looks like a car from another planet. Even so, Bertone claims to make design a car like this long-needed study aerodynamics.

2. Sting Ray

Cars made by GM design chief Bill Mitchell is made to show courage in the world GM is racing. Evidenced by the participation of this car in 1959 and 1960.

Armed with the chassis of the Corvette SS picked then wrapped with a new body, Sting Ray cool present and those who see it.

Three. Ford Mustang I

Progenitor legendary Ford Mustang muscle car was originally built in 1962 upon the idea of Roy Lunn and Frank Theyleg to rival sports car owned by MG and Alfa Romeo. This car initially apply only a small Ford Taunus V4 engine with four-speed manual transmission that can only produce 109 hp.

4. Cadillac Cyclone

Futuristic cars made in 1959 so this seemed like an airplane. Outside the body of this car is already equipped with fins at the stern with a front bumper with exhaust-style fighters who are now in the front section near the front wheels.

Moreover, thanks to the cabin door and transparent application, this car can give up the sensation of climbing a fighter plane. Moreover, this car is also equipped with communication devices that can make this car passengers to communicate with people outside the car without having to open canopy of the car.

5. GM Firebird III
This car is a car that is very special with the leading specifications that have been made. And just like the Cadillac Cyclone, a car made in 1959 was also very inspired by fighter aircraft. That's why this car looks more like a jet fighter than a car.

A side car until the fin on the back and the cabin is designed in the style of fighter jets. To control this car, we are not necessary to use a steering wheel but simply use the joystick like on the plane with all the attributes that have been computerized.

6. Ferrari Modulo

Designed in Pininfarina design house and is shown at the Geneva Auto Show 1970, Ferrari Modulo looks like a space module and not like a Ferrari in general. But if you see a powerful 550 hp V12 engine, the doubt on this car would disappear immediately.

7. Aero-Vette

Looking at the long history of Corvette, this car could be said as one of the best concept cars from American manufacturers. Armed with fantastic body and gullwing doors, Aero-Vette look very exotic.

GM design boss affairs, Bill Mitchell even had prepared a car who first shown in 1977 was to be mass produced by machine applications small-block V-8 to cut the selling price in the future. But unfortunately the program in cencel for a reason.
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