Sunday, January 9, 2011

SPESIFIKASI Honda Fit Hybrid | Meluncur Bulan ulan Oktober

SPESIFIKASI Honda Fit Hybrid | Meluncur Bulan ulan Oktober

Green car competition increasingly fierce affordable. Now turn to Honda Motor Co., which makes the months of October this year as the momentum of the birth of the cheapest hybrid in Japan.

The popular hatchback car, Honda Fit, known as Honda Jazz in Indonesia, will be pinned to the electric motor and will be marketed with a price of 1.59 million yen or USD 165 million.

As reported by Reuters on Tuesday (08/10/2010) the presence of a compact Honda Fit hybrid is, at once will make it the cheapest hybrid car in Japan.

Cars could be cheaper thanks to a green car purchase subsidy programs in Japan, which makes hybrid cars have become popular in the market for new passenger cars in recent months.

Hybrid Honda Fit will be worth about 400,000 yen more expensive than petrol engine version of the Honda Fit, but it will be 300 000 yen cheaper than the Honda Insight, which is currently the cheapest hybrid models in Japan.

And by granting subsidies to the expiration of green cars in Japan at the end of next month, then the situation will make the competition more fierce segmented green cars, especially for his eternal rival, Toyota.
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