Monday, January 17, 2011

SPESIFIKASI Tawon Transformer | Mobil Nasional

SPESIFIKASI Tawon Transformer | Mobil Nasional

Event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 took place lively. But behind the festive prestigious car shows, national car Wasps looked cornered.

Wasps produced by PT Super Gasindo Jaya (SGJ) were cornered in the arena of IIMS 2010. Wasps Transformer SGJ featuring only simple. Indonesia mobnas even this is not appearing behind closed doors but just being in the road corridor in the arena of the JI Expo.

"It's okay, the important thing we can look here. Moreover, this prestigious exhibition, we are very proud to be here," said President Director SGJ, Nyoto Kuntoaji in the arena of IIMS 2010, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

More and more tragic, when the opening yesterday Wasps had no official recognition by the Vice President Boediono. GMU economists are just coming stand-manufacturer of large car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi or Daihatsu.

Wasp itself is a genuine car production in the country who designed, developed and produced by the children of the nation.

Wasps plans will go on sale two months or less retreated from the original plan in July 2010. "Two months away with the price of USD 40 million alone," said Nyoto.

Wasps that will be marketed later by Nyoto is Wasp, which brought 650 cc engine capacity of domestic production.

"This machine is designed solely by us and manufactured in our factory in Tegal," he added.

Not only that, but even then leaked when Nyoto SGJ is currently developing a new engine with a capacity of 500 cc which was developed together with a friend.

And if there is no hindrance crosswise, Wasp-engined 500 cc they will be marketed next year.

"All in the preparation phase, hopefully next year can be marketed. Because it carries 500 cc engine under the exact price will be USD 40 million," he said.

Apart from Wasps, mobnas from Archipelago Automotive Industry Association or other Asianusa IIMS appear at this time is the Komodo dragon.
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