Monday, January 10, 2011

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Ford | Kenalkan Mesin Diesel Baru |Berstandar Euro 5

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Ford | Kenalkan Mesin Diesel Baru |Berstandar Euro 5

Over the last few years, the trend of the automotive world has really changed. Era of high-powered engine giant has now been abandoned. Even now more and more car buyers are interested in saving fuel consumption and low emissions. And low operational costs.

But for the business of transportation, the ability of the fuel consumption is lower of course more than just a problem of pride. Vehicles used of course has a high mileage daily. Therefore, diesel engines become so loved in Europe.

The automotive manufacturers realize this and strive to create a more efficient diesel engines to save fuel transportation business finance. One is Ford's announcement have developed their diesel engines to meet Euro 5 standard.

This machine will be used on the Ford Transit Connect and Turneo. With a capacity of 1800cc TDCI. This machine offers three choices of power output 75dk, 90dk and 110dk with 5-speed transmission.

What is unique is that the engine offers the same fuel consumption of 6 liter/100km thrifty with 160gram of CO2 emissions per km. To achieve 100km/jam takes just 14.4 seconds (110dk version) 17.4 seconds (90dk) and 21 seconds (75dk). Ford will also be providing long-wheelbase versions of these Euro 5 diesel cars.

What about diesel cars in Indonesia? It seems the government still had to do "PR" improve the quality of diesel fuel in Indonesia. Well when this technology to Indonesia
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