Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SPESIFIKASI Hino Poncho | Bus Kecil

SPESIFIKASI Hino Poncho | Bus Kecil

If you visit the arena Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 do not forget to balance Hino booth located in Hall B-1. The reason Hino displaying three vehicles that fit the theme Hino Care consisting of profitability, safety and society.

All three vehicles were on display at the booth Hino, trucks FM PD 320 Symbolizes profitability. Then, there are also Dutro 4X4 truck that symbolized safety. Both this after products sold in Indonesia.

And another one is a bus poncho, which was imported directly from the land of rising sun, Japan. Poncho mascot was asked to exhibit and make it as a symbol of the society.

Small buses have been applying the features that can provide safety and convenience to passengers. Among other low-floored deck, making it easier for the passengers to ride the car.

Then use the door wide and low which is designed to facilitate access by wheelchair users ride into a poncho. While inside the cabin itself, this bus can accommodate up to 36 passengers.

Uniquely, the bench in the middle can be folded to accommodate wheelchair users. Security sector in the bus was also noted. Namely by covering every iron grip with rubber material, which would make passengers safer during an impact.

Another thing that may be the attraction at the 180-powered engine vehicles J05D dk is also located in the sector an attractive exterior. With round lights on the front, and the form of houses that tend to round, make this bus looks sweet.

No wonder, with the uniqueness as well as safety and comfort, poncho many residential and tourist vehicles made in Japan since 2002. Unfortunately, Hino has not been interested in marketing the poncho in Indonesia. One of the causes for the lowest distance poncho to the ground is very low, so that did not match the road conditions in Indonesia.

Monday, January 17, 2011

SPESIFIKASI FT-EV | Mobil Hijau Toyota | Mirip Mainan

Mobil Hijau Toyota Yang Mirip Mainan

Toyota seem to continue to strive to become a leader in technological innovation in the field of environmentally friendly cars. And cute car Toyota Future Electric Vehicle, or abbreviated as FT-EV, an example, which you can physically see in Indonesia International Motor Show.

This is the second generation development of the FT-EV. Positioned as the embryo of a future city car that relies on electricity as a source of energy. The form is an ultra compact, equipped with a sliding door that can accommodate four passengers in comfort, although we know, the FT-EV looks very cute dimensions.

Auxiliary Design window under the windscreen and panoramic roof made the view out from inside the cabin large enough, so they can support safety around the vehicle.

FT-EV also already applied the drive-by-wire technology, with the rudder joystick, which can operate all functions including akselarator, brakes, the wheel, so that both can be stretched legs freely without activity.

And not only designed as a means of transportation,the FT-EV is also a communication tool as well as seekers of information for the driver, with many advanced features that applied to the electric car Toyota.

"FT-EV which we represent in IIMS 2010 This is a manifestation of Toyota's vision
in presenting the environmentally friendly vehicle technologies, "explains Head, Product Planning Department, PT Toyota-Astra Motor, Achmad Rizal, at the Toyota booth IIMS.

President director of PT Astra International Tbk Prijono Sugiarto a chance to see this funny car also had a brief comment. "Oh yes much like a toy car," he said.

Indeed, judging from the FT-EV kokpit II is like a toy car, thanks to the steering system such as the joystick games.

Cars that are smaller than the IQ concept car last year Toyota brought to Indonesia also has a wider leg space. Because the brake, and gas is set by the joystick function earlier.

This futuristic car designed for short trips and offers high visibility with the monitor near the dashboard that could monitor the condition of the rear car.

SPESIFIKASI Tawon Transformer | Mobil Nasional

SPESIFIKASI Tawon Transformer | Mobil Nasional

Event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 took place lively. But behind the festive prestigious car shows, national car Wasps looked cornered.

Wasps produced by PT Super Gasindo Jaya (SGJ) were cornered in the arena of IIMS 2010. Wasps Transformer SGJ featuring only simple. Indonesia mobnas even this is not appearing behind closed doors but just being in the road corridor in the arena of the JI Expo.

"It's okay, the important thing we can look here. Moreover, this prestigious exhibition, we are very proud to be here," said President Director SGJ, Nyoto Kuntoaji in the arena of IIMS 2010, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

More and more tragic, when the opening yesterday Wasps had no official recognition by the Vice President Boediono. GMU economists are just coming stand-manufacturer of large car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi or Daihatsu.

Wasp itself is a genuine car production in the country who designed, developed and produced by the children of the nation.

Wasps plans will go on sale two months or less retreated from the original plan in July 2010. "Two months away with the price of USD 40 million alone," said Nyoto.

Wasps that will be marketed later by Nyoto is Wasp, which brought 650 cc engine capacity of domestic production.

"This machine is designed solely by us and manufactured in our factory in Tegal," he added.

Not only that, but even then leaked when Nyoto SGJ is currently developing a new engine with a capacity of 500 cc which was developed together with a friend.

And if there is no hindrance crosswise, Wasp-engined 500 cc they will be marketed next year.

"All in the preparation phase, hopefully next year can be marketed. Because it carries 500 cc engine under the exact price will be USD 40 million," he said.

Apart from Wasps, mobnas from Archipelago Automotive Industry Association or other Asianusa IIMS appear at this time is the Komodo dragon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Komodo | Mobil Garuk Tanah

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Komodo | Mobil Garuk Tanah
At the exhibition of 18th Indonesia International Motor Show this year, carded cars homeland Cimahi city, dragons returned to the show. However, this time more sophisticated and tidy.

In addition to the engine which had brought the four steps of technology, its capacity was swollen to 250cc. Also, no less attractive, had an automatic transmission are pretty, so we can be sure your natural home range of activities would be more fun and not complicated.

250 cc 4 stroke engine is also equipped with a radiator is capable of producing power is 17 hp. Although small, but due to the overall weight of the dragons light, then asked to climb even power will not struggling, as it was designed to deal with dragons offroad terrain.

Neat appearance even now more details on parts, so it is more pleasing to the eye. Starting from the dashboard panels simple yet functional, the transmission lever also makes Komodo see more classy car claim the child as a nation.

Likewise with the second material that is soft and ergonomic jok to sit on, also has been equipped with a four point seatbelt is qualified to make the driver's seating position and equipment must be devoured anng although the steep terrain.

By supporting appearance, Komodo also now uses 12-inch alloy wheels pelk, which when combined with the tire hoe, create an aura of scratching the ground on a removable car worth USD 60 million is more subtle.

"Anyway, this dragon we represent 250 AT offroad its users to experience more felt fun and not complicated," said President Director of PT Fin Komodo Technology, Ibn Susilo when talking to the arena detikOto IIMS, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Tuesday (27 / 7 / 2010).

You are curious about the figure of Komodo, please visit Komodo in Hall C JI Expo Kemayoran during this IIMS mat lasts.

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Tahoe | Irit Bahan Bakar

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Tahoe | Irit Bahan Bakar

In the event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 Chevrolet stand very classy, especially with the presence of a giant Autobot at their booth.

But if you are observant, then you'll find a large car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) which is a high-tech hybrid Chevrolet Tahoe.

This car is uniquely numbered. Because if the other manufacturers of hybrid systems apply only to cars small and medium-sized, the American automotive giant in Tahoe this is to show that the hybrid system can also be applied to a large car without having to reduce its fuel efficiency.

"We present the Chevrolet Tahoe to the public, so they can see the progress we've made," said Managing Director of PT General Motors Indonesia AutoWorld, Mukiat Sutikno IIMS arena in 2010.

Savings that can be done by the Tahoe was not kidding, because although the burly, Tahoe can save fuel up to 50 percent in travel within the city with their hybrid system stretcher.

But that does not mean because it economizes Tahoe that can accommodate eight passengers became not powered. Because the 6.0-liter engine with a V8 configuration that they stretcher, Tahoe SUV remains into a ferocious devouring all-terrain.

In addition, the ignorant also features the latest range of modern features that make it into a car of the future. Front features like Rear backup camera with a display on the navigation screen, with navigation OnStar Turn-by-Turn to OnStar 8.0 with Stolen Vehicle Slow Down, Turn-by-Turn navigation and Destination Download any Bluetooth connectivity garnish in this great car.

Not only that, the Tahoe was increasingly pamper its users with XM Satellite Radio NavTraffic real-time feature the latest and Power adjustable pedals until Bose premium speaker system can also be found in this car.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SPESIFIKASI Proton | Saga Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Proton | Saga Listrik

Talk about environmentally friendly cars, Proton already have them. In the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show, Proton showcase the power of technology embedded in the Proton Saga.

EV Proton Saga has a lithium ion polymer battery which can produce 15 kWh of energy. Battery charging time to reach 6-8 hours. Proton also provides rapid charging version just an hour. Once the battery charge is sufficient to explore Jakarta to Bandung.

Saga EV electric motor performance is pretty tough. Of 000-100 km per hour can be reached by 12 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 110 km per hour ie.

When compared with the Persona car gasoline, the cost of course cheaper. Saga EV for each km only need USD 120 only, or Rp 3.6 million per year while the Persona USD 360 per km, or Rp 10.8 million per year.

Another advantage is the owner of the Proton EV was not necessary to the gas station. Charging the battery is done at home or at work. Practical is not it?

This electric technology does not only apply to only Saga, Proton plans as stated by Proton Holdings Berhad Managing Director Dato 'Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir will install an electric motor to the other Proton cars.

Meanwhile, for its application in Indonesia, Proton requested the preparation of the government's electricity infrastructure.

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Motor Corp | Mobil Murah Mitsubishi

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Motor Corp | Mobil Murah Mitsubishi

Japanese manufacturer, Mitsubishi did not explicitly want to get the car cheap in Indonesia. However, the possibility of the birth of cheap Mitsubishi car was not yet closed.

For now Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (MMC), which became the principal Mitsubishi is preparing a tiny car that Mitsubishi will become a global product.

This was revealed by Marketing Director of PT Krama Yudha Three Berlian Motors (KTB) Rizwan Alamsyah IIMS arena, at the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

"I heard that MMC is currently preparing a global small car in Thailand. Hopefully, this new car can cost a relatively affordable," he said.

Rizwan further explained that this car will be shaped as the name that is tiny. Because that's expected selling price of this car will be suppressed.

"If it be produced, hopefully Indonesia will goto the allotment," he said.

Currently the Indonesian government is currently preparing a major project a make environmentally friendly cars but cheap, because the plan will be released at a price of about USD 75-80 million only.

Several car manufacturers have shown interest. And the closest is the Daihatsu had even made a concept car called the F-Concept which gives a chance for cheap car plans.

SPESIFIKASI Subaru Outback

SPESIFIKASI Subaru Outback

In addition to presenting Subaru Impreza STI hatchback, PT TC Subaru also presents new automobiles, which are marketed in conjunction with carpet Indonesia International Motor Show 2010 this.

From the SUV segment which includes many devotees are in Indonesia, Subaru
New Outback presents, intended for those who argue that the uneven surfaces and perfection can not be united, they obviously have not seen the Subaru Outback.

The design of mixing between an SUV with a muscular MPV family car that has a roomy cabin space. Plus of course with luxury features and functional support for passenger comfort.

Subaru Outback Lineartronic engine CVT equipped 2.5-liter capacity,
the estimated power reaches 167 Ps and 229 Nm of torque. PT TC Subaru Outback 2.5i this latest release for USD 700 million on the road of Jakarta.

Now, turn the sedan segment is crowded in the country began early this year. Not wanting to miss, Subaru introduced the Legacy 2.5 GT also the latest, with the more elegant designs but does not eliminate the sporty characteristics of the Subaru.

Claimed by manufacturer, 02/05 Legacy GT Subaru rally car technology inherited, so that when you drive it, the blend between performance and luxury sedan style will be very clearly felt behind the wheel.

The engine is coded E-5AT Turbocharger 2.5-liter capacity, with production reaching 265 PS power and peak torque of 350 Nm. Counterparts can be redeemed with the price tag of USD 788 million on the road of Jakarta.

Both of them can you see directly in the mat Indonesia International Motor Show, at the Subaru booth IIMS.



Proton his promise to prove that the luxurious display Exora Exora President. How the features till dare Priced Proton MPV's most luxurious edition to $ 320 million. What kind of figures We refer to the review.

In terms of engine, the Proton MPV Exora President buy same machine with previous Exora ie Campro CPS engine capacity of 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valve which can give off power 125 hp pda 6500 rpm. While the resulting torque is 150 Nm at 4500 rpm.

With it, Exora president can reach a top speed of 165 km per hour. While for the Exora manually from point 0 to 100 km per hour just takes 12.9 seconds. While the older matic Exora namely 15.5 seconds.

Front suspension uses MacPherson Strut Exora President on the front and torsion beam. For safety system use disc brakes on front and rear Tromol for.

Viewed from the exterior, added Exora pretty with additional body kits and on until the engine hood overvender. Applying body kit emphasize the presence of President Exora homeland MPV vehicle market.

For President Exora rim using size 17 inch rim with 215 tire width. Part in the president differ Exora Exora usual.

President Exora model is now applied captain chair seats, while the bench was discarded. So only two chairs in them. More classy interior with a mix of two colors white and gray.

Give the impression of class, did not escape from the Proton with an accent color President Exora wood or wood panel that is on the dashboard and steering wheel.

And what about audio?. Proton was pinned double-DIN head unit with Touch screen SD / MMC / USB slot and an active subwoofer.
Rear passengers are also more relaxed with him 19-inch LCD TV. Behind the design is very attractive, classy element in it.

Looks like Proton did not play for the design of the rear passengers. Particularly applied panoramic roof style. To increase driver alertness, Proton has pinned rear camera. Screen in front of wide enough to help the eyesight of the driver.

Still curious? Simply come to the booth Proton in Indonesia International Motor Show at the JI Expo Kemayoran Jakarta.

SPESIFIKASI Ford Fiesta | Laris di IIMS

SPESIFIKASI Ford Fiesta | Laris di IIMS

Ford Fiesta sold well in the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010. Until the fifth day exhibition (07/27/2010), PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) garnered sales of 180 units, where 90 percent of the Fiesta.

Will Angove, President Director of FMI said, zest exhibition visitor this year was very positive. The presence of the Fiesta became one of the attractions as well as our weapon to boost sales.

"Of the two types are offered, the composition 50:50 (between the engines 1.4 L and 1.6 L). Usually the consumer is choosing which type of top first and then gradually down to the type of bottom," he said when met at the booth Ford exhibit at the IIMS, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, today.

Fiesta, Will said, could provide more than customer needs. Especially the voice command feature that is attracting considerable consumer interest.

Since the initial launch last July, the number of Vehicle Booking Letter (DSS) that go to reach 460 units. New orders plus 150 units in the exhibition. "So it's good request, and we're very confident," Will said.

Related spesification units, he explained the type of engine is 1.4 L will begin to go in August. While new types of market entry 1.6 L September.

Sabet Awards
Meanwhile, today FMI received three awards from the magazine Car & Tuning Guide. Third award for Best Engine, Convenience Feutures Ford E20 and B5, and Best Dress-up Ford Fiesta hatchback.

"One of the interesting, we did not showcase environmentally friendly technology but in fact we are getting this award. This is incredible," lid Will.

SPESIFIKASI Kijang Innova E | bertransmisi otomatis,

SPESIFIKASI Kijang Innova E | bertransmisi otomatis,

Along with carpet Indonesia International Motor Show, PT Toyota Astra Motor strengthen the family car line-up, Kijang Innova with three new models at a time which was officially launched.

Most interesting is the Kijang Innova E transmit automatically, because the luxury and convenience of automatic transmit the family car is now more affordable with the existence of this Auto E type.

Besides already equipped with automatic transmission, Innova type E is also already equipped with alloy rims with new design, so it is more unsightly.

Meanwhile, if you want a little more luxurious and comfortable cabin in Innova, Toyota now provides tioe V and G Luxury Luxury. Both with the latest changes.

Pinned to the latest features in both types of Luxury is guaranteed to make your family feel at home for long inside the cabin, because the 8-inch LCD Mobitor will spoil them.

If still not, a DVD player with wireless headphones and remote control, is clearly its own convenience in enjoying the entertainment in the cabin Innova V Luxury and G of this.

Any outward appearance has been freshened with new chrome grille applications,
thus providing an elegant impression, while the more comfortable cabin space for the application of captain on the bench second row seat.

And specific to the type V Luxury, already have the wheel circumference button
Audio settings and Multi-Information Display. Digital also auto water

Toyota Innova type E AT removed at Rp 223 million. Then type G Luxury for Rp 250.1 million. And the highest type V Luxury, removed at Rp 285 million. Everything is on the road of Jakarta.

SPESIFIKASI Taksi Lova | Berbahan Bakar CNG

SPESIFIKASI Taksi Lova | Berbahan Bakar CNG

Various methods are used by taxi companies in Indonesia to conserve fuel usage given the operational costs of fuel a growing swell.

One of the most efficient way is to convert to CNG or gas fuel.

As used Lova taxi company in Jakarta. Taxi company's Chevrolet brand now has 25 CNG-fueled units. Use of CNG in a taxi cab company had done before. However, because the assessed damage the engine, now the use of CNG as omitted.

"It used to damage the engine, but not now. That's up from the engine. Because the Chevrolet Lova engines using cast iron materials, it is very strong," said Chief Technician Taxi Djabari Lova on the sidelines of the gathering events with taxi companies Chevrolet at GM booth at the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

With the use of CNG fuel, Djabari Lova admitted every taxi fleet can save the cost of 40 percent.

CNG own tubes imported from China, while konventer from Argentina whose price reached USD 15 million with a capacity equivalent to 11 liters of the tube reached. Each one liter of gas can reach the distance of nearly 16 kilometers.

"The difference is much frugal, up 40 percent of the tablets," said Djabari said.

Chevrolet Lova Taxi recognized as having been tested during the three-month test, the results are also not
absolutely no damage to the machine. "Pretty good, keep the machine working normally, no problems in terms of resilience," sure Djabari.

Now the taxi company has 25 units of CNG-fueled taxis Lova. Possibilities, 175 other units will follow according Djabari use CNG.

SPESIFIKASI City Car | Mobil Masa Depan di Indonesia

SPESIFIKASI City Car | Mobil Masa Depan di Indonesia

In the future such a tiny city car car believed to have ditched the car families such as the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and becoming one of the best-selling car model in Indonesia.

"There are many factors that will underlie this prediction from the fuel issue, the growing population of small families, so increasingly bad road conditions," explained Deputy General Manager of Marketing Brand I PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) John Saragih in the arena of IIMS 2010, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

The first trend that developed at this time is the issue of fuel efficiency that was almost to the attention of all parties whether it be producer or consumer.

It is possible that in future advertisements would no longer prioritize car advanced features but more to show the efficiency problems that they could achieve.

While the second trend, according to John is a small family trend with the number of children who are not a lot.

"Judging from current and predicted demographic future, the possibility Indonesian families will be dominated by small family with little children. Life would be more individual, "he said.

While the third issue that will make the city car segment is the fact that demand is now increasingly jammed roads only.

Even many who predicted the streets within the complex it will be stalled when car sales growth is not accompanied by the addition of a long road.

"In those conditions, a small car that can be possessed-skid will be preferred. Moreover, car-park home or apartment will be more limited, "he added.

That's why John believes these small car segment will continue to evolve in the future. When a city car last year accounted for only about 3 percent of total national car sales, this year John expects to grow at rates of at least 5 percent.

"The parameters most easily seen is the increasing number of brands playing in this segment. That proves my eye with their eyes also think if the city car has a bright future in Indonesia," concluded John

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Alto | Masuk Indonesia

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Alto | Masuk Indonesia

In the future such a tiny city car car believed to have ditched the car families such as the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and becoming one of the best-selling car model in Indonesia.

"There are many factors that will underlie this prediction from the fuel issue, the growing population of small families, so increasingly bad road conditions," explained Deputy General Manager of Marketing Brand I PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) John Saragih in the arena of IIMS 2010, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

The first trend that developed at this time is the issue of fuel efficiency that was almost to the attention of all parties whether it be producer or consumer.

It is possible that in future advertisements would no longer prioritize car advanced features but more to show the efficiency problems that they could achieve.

While the second trend, according to John is a small family trend with the number of children who are not a lot.

"Judging from current and predicted demographic future, the possibility Indonesian families will be dominated by small family with little children. Life would be more individual, "he said.

While the third issue that will make the city car segment is the fact that demand is now increasingly jammed roads only.

Even many who predicted the streets within the complex it will be stalled when car sales growth is not accompanied by the addition of a long road.

"In those conditions, a small car that can be possessed-skid will be preferred. Moreover,car-park home or apartment will be more limited, "he added.

That's why John believes these small car segment will continue to evolve in the future. When a city car last year accounted for only about 3 percent of total national car sales, this year John expects to grow at rates of at least 5 percent.

"The parameters most easily seen is the increasing number of brands playing in this segment. That proves my eye with their eyes also think if the city car has a bright future in Indonesia," concluded John

SPESIFIKASI Porsche 918 Spyder | Mobil Hybrid Bertenaga Dahsyat

SPESIFIKASI Porsche 918 Spyder | Mobil Hybrid Bertenaga Dahsyat

Porsche finally has given the official green light to produce a concept car Porsche 918 Spyder.

The car that was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 is equipped with a 490 hp V8 engine and three electric engine that produces 215 hp power.

With a total power of 708 hp engine makes 918 Porsche Spyder can accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in 3.2 seconds. With a top speed of 320 km / h.

Even more important again, thanks to a plug-in hybrid technology, this Spyder requires only 3.0 liters of fuel for 100 km, producing low emissions as much as 70 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

"We will develop a model in Weissach 918 Spyder and assembles them in Zuffenhausen. It has also become a very important commitment to Germany as a production base," said Michael Macht, President and Chairman of the Board of Management as quoted Worldcarfans, Thursday (29 / 7 / 2010).

Supercar that will embrace the hybrid system is planned to be released with the price of 500,000 euros or approximately USD 5.87 billion, or more expensive than a Carrera GT for this to be the Porsche most expensive car.

Prices are expensive not turn a blind eye to the interested persons. Until mid last month at least has more than 2,000 people have already expressed interest in this car



PT Mazda Motor Indonesia could smile a little sweet in IIMS 2010. How not. Until the seventh day, Thursday (7/29/2010), they could sell a total of 277 units. Best sellers, a popular Mazda Mazda2 hatchback with sales of 143 units. The position was followed by CX-7 with 33 units, the Mazda2 Sedan (20 units), CX-nine (19 units), Mazda6 (7 units), BT-50 (3 unit), and RX-8 (two units).

Astrid Ariani Wijana, Marketing Manager PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI), said, "After the market penetration with the Mazda2 hatchback, compared with last year, Mazda sales in IIMS increased significantly this year," Astrid said in a statement received official , today.

To sustain sales, MMI offers a variety of exciting promotions during the exhibition, among others, free audio kit, three days and two nights vacation to Singapore, and raffle to win a trip to Tokyo for two people (available for five winners).

"IIMS become an arena that is right for your customers to immediately try and buy a Mazda. If you are still curious about the brand Mazda, please stop at the Mazda booth at the same time to see our special guests from Japan, the Ryuga, a concept car that was awarded a prestigious Louis Vuitton Classic Concept Award, "Astrid beber.

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Swift dan SX4-FCV

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Swift dan SX4-FCV
Theme is "Unlimited Green Technology" at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010, actual PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) has another reliable car that is not so trafficked because of the time the too mepet. Namely Suzuki Swift Hybrid Plug-ins and Suzuki SX4 FCV (Fuel-Cell Vehicle).

Both have appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. "We're not finished this two-car entry to Indonesia because there are several obstacles, including for delivery time too long," says Endro Nugroho, Marketing Director of SIS.

But as knowledge for the end, pairs of SIS and equipment specifications and posters that contain both cars this way of working. And do not forget to publish video presentations about the workings of both in the middle of the booth Suzuki.

Yet there is nothing wrong if we keep the car carried a review of technology is environmentally friendly. Starting from the Suzuki Swift Hybrid. This car has a blend between the conventional combustion engine, an electric motor and battery to store electric.

The difference, fuel engine was replaced with K-Series engines, K6B a capacity of only 658cc. As a substitute for the missing energy has been put up an electric motor. The results of this car can actually cover the distance 20 km without consuming a drop of gasoline.

And because it uses a system of hybrid plug-in, rechargeable battery from anywhere including from the mains at home. But do not worry about having to run out of battery power, because after the battery run out then the generator will work in motion by the earlier 658cc engine fuel.


Next up was the Suzuki SX4-FCV. As the name implies, Fuel-Cell Vehicle, the car was being environmentally friendly because fuel cell systems apply. SX4-FCV carries 70 MPa pressurized hydrogen tank and compact capacitor that was developed by Suzuki.

SX4-FCV is currently undergoing road trials in general agreement with the government. The test result will be the benchmark for developing fuel cell systems Suzuki better.

SPESIFIKASI Audi R8 FSI Quattro | Mobil Termahal

SPESIFIKASI Audi R8 FSI Quattro | Mobil Termahal

Car show in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 is currently underway. But of the many cars on display, Which car to be the most expensive and cheapest cars brought into the exhibition ATPM

IIMS 2010, held in the region JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, occupying 57 830 square meters and up to July 29, 2010 has been drawing attention from the 147 476 visitors.

And instead of the many existing car, the Audi R8 FSI Quattro Audi that was the most expensive car at IIMS with the official price ranging from USD 5.3 billion.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's national car, Wasps become the cheapest car on display at IIMS with the price USD 48 million only.

Actually there was another car like the Rolls-Royce Ghost which is suspected to have higher prices and go on display in this IIMS. But the car was not trafficked by the official car manufacturer, but only just taken by the General Importer. The price is certainly not the general importer.

Well then, let's peel what greatness Audi R8 FSI Quattro is a car that became the most expensive and Wasps cheapest car at this prestigious exhibition.

Viewed physically Audi R8 FSI Quattro do imply an aura of exotic sports is so strong. Design Audi R8 FSI Quattro impressed very sharp to support the dynamics and aerodynamics of this car.

It was not surprising. Audi R8 FSI Quattro For complemented by a capacity of 2.5 liter V10 engine direct injection FSI technology is already applying the typical German manufacturer.

With these machines, cars that trafficked by PT Garuda Mataram Motor which became Indonesia's car manufacturers Audi is finally able to accelerate from rest up to the speed of 100 km per hour in just 3.9 only and reach peak speeds up to 316 km / hr.

Great ability that it is not strange, especially when we find out if this car has enough power to reach 525 hp malignant ie up to 530 Nm of torque.

While Wasps made by PT Super Gasindo Jaya (SGJ) derived from Cimahi, Bandung, West Java with a cute and minimalist look.

Car body shape that takes this concept city car body design contrasts sharply with the Audi R8 FSI Quattro. Because when the Audi R8 FSI Quattro appear with sharp lines on his body, Wasps appear with curves that tend to impress the cute and rounded when viewed.

Similarly with the kitchen spur, Wasps and Audi R8 FSI Quattro is not a car that should be comparison. Because if Audi R8 FSI Quattro has reversed bonnet crazy machines, Wasps perform with the original engine design brings Indonesia's eco-friendly.

Wasps are currently carrying four stroke engine with three cylinders which is equivalent to 650 cc engine. This car can accommodate four adult passengers and can be accelerated by gentle manual transmission 4-speed thanks to their application.

According to the Project Manager Njoto Kuntoaji Wasp tells the engine block has been using aluminum alloy. "This is the same as those used luxury cars such as Jaguar and others," he said.

How else Wasps is Indonesia's national car and so this could be
to be Indonesia's future cars.

Curious about both? Just go straight IIMS arena in 2010. In this most prestigious auto show, Audi R8 FSI Quattro A8 can be enjoyed at Hall JIExpo. While Wasps will be looking at their booth in the corner of the JI Expo Hall C2 arena.



PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales did not launch a variant of their best-selling MPV, APV. However, in booth Indonesia International Motor Show, Suzuki, Suzuki APV beautifully framed.

Lettering on the plate number of New APV Arena. When most car manufacturers white wash his new car with white, Suzuki had precisely the mainstay of other colors, ie blue.

The most obvious external changes have on the already grill more elegant as well as sporty, as well as air circulation at the bottom of nuanced chrome bumper.

While the stern, though not many changes, but some like the new look on the bumper and the addition of a new exhaust to make it looks more fresh.

Entry into the cabin, you'll be treated to a sporty and dynamic feel of the cabin space is dominated by blue color, the skin layer jok, as well as door trim.

Fun anymore, New APV Arena was only appropriate to make passengers more comfortable, especially with added seat middle row captain seat type.

Then the big question, is this the successor of Suzuki APV? For as in previous years, Suzuki always show the first prototype model on the mat like IIMS before eventually launched.

However, if you can not wait to have APV with a view like that, please reach for the pocket more of USD 40 million, to be brought to the garage of the house.

Suzuki price prices on the road to the Suzuki APV SGX Arena is worth USD 201 million.

SPESIFIKASI Nissan Micra | Beremisi Rendah | untuk Eropa

SPESIFIKASI Nissan Micra | Beremisi Rendah | untuk Eropa

Nissan to Micra will not only present as a compact city car, but also ready to become a world superstar. Principals, Nissan Motor Corp. (NMC) also wants March (another name for MICRA to market in certain countries, including Indonesia and ASEAN) as the cleanest vehicles. That is, this car has low emissions.

Nissan called him "a nice MICRA driven." City car is targeted to hit European markets starting next year. Little is equipped with 1.2 liter diesel engine with three cylinders DIG equipped with a supercharger. Privileges not only economical because of the diesel engine, but also because its CO2 emissions of 95 grams per kilometer.

To prove the statement about MICRA Nissan Pure Drive, one of Japan's English-language site, Nihon Car, doing road tests. Although testing performed Grandrive Nissan in Oppama, near the factory, this is a good chance they are not wasted to know the greatness of the Nissan engineers homemade HR12DDR machine.

From the test results, acceleration and energy is pretty good. This is very impressive for the size of a small machine that can not be equated with normal-sized 1.5-liter engine.

Because the MICRA Nissan ambition is focused on machines with low emission, a number of compromises that have characterized the Nissan should be ignored. At Pure Drive MICRA, Nissan unhesitatingly choose the ratio of long teeth. This is for a little pampering pleasure while driving. However, the core truth, they're more focused on exhaust gas emissions.

SPESIFIKASI Mercy C300 Avantgarde

SPESIFIKASI Mercy C300 Avantgarde

Not too noticeable on the highway, but still felt thick luxurious feel in the cabin. That first impression detikOto against Mercedes-Benz C300 Avantgarde.

C-class sedans from Mercedes-Benz was new in 2010 is presented middel homeland automotive market, which has been built locally at the factory
Mercedes-Benz, Wanaherang, West Java.

Starting from the lights, grille and grooves on the hood is very characteristic
Mercedes-Benz, elegant, polite manners and full of European style that is not a lot of lines and curves extremely like Japanese cars.

Entry into the cabin, seating position you will be pampered with seating arrangements electrically located in door trim, with five-position memory that can be stored.

In addition, the audio settings, and even telephone communications were all available in the circumference of the wheel. You just glanced at the monitor in the middle of the dashboard to set the configuration of the entertainment provided.

Unfortunately, the C300 is not equipped with features start / stop, so the key still must dicolok. But maybe not too significant, because after all the machine can still be ignited.

There is no sound in the cabin engine at idle. Mercedes-Benz knows how to pamper owners with a quiet cabin space, although this only the standard C-Class.

His name is a premium sedan, and no-frills sports, so naturally from the C300 Avantgarde acceleration is slightly more muted, although the engine quite cool.

Mercedes-Benz puts a capacity of 3.0 liter V6 engine on this Avangarde C300, a par course offers performance that is fierce, especially at high speed.

The machine can produce power reaching 231 PS with torque of 300 NM ante. It was more than adequate for freeway invited to run the streets.

It is true, although the initial pull of a little weight, but the softness makes passengers are not going to wake up from sleep due to excessive pounding acceleration.

So also with the movement of teeth that almost did not feel there was a pause,
except step on the gas pedal spontaneously. Convenience is enhanced with suspension settings are too soft.

But when you are young at heart, and felt the performance was less fierce C300 Avantgarde, please dial Sport button on the center console, dashboard, and feel the difference.

Handling car suddenly become more sensitive, the suspension becomes more rigid,
and clearly akselarasinya become more aggressive and spontaneous than the first time
the gas pedal.

So, naturally the number of 180 km per hour on average can
C300 Avantgarde dipampangkan the speedometer is on the outer ring highway
Jakarta in the evening.

Mercedes-Benz C300 Avantgarde Indonesia offers a price tag of USD 709 million off the road.

Technical Specifications

V6 272M30
2996 cc
7G Tiptronik
Power maximum
231 PS at 6000 rpm
Peak torque
300 Nm
USD 709 million off the road

SPESIFIKASI Proton Waja | Mobil Terbaru

SPESIFIKASI Proton Waja | Mobil Terbaru

Masjid Kapitan Keling in Penang became the first appearance of new Proton cars, namely the latest version of the Proton Waja, which looks similar to the Mitsubishi Lancer.

Although some parts like the grille and front and rear bumpers are also still covered with camouflage veil, but stressed the similarity dimension Proton Waja with a Mitsubishi Lancer.

Look at the start of the front snout, which despite being pinned grill is almost the same as Persona and Exora, but the characters remain the mainstay Mitsubishi rally cars characterize them.

In fact, in the stern part characterizes especially the taillights, so if the latest Waja is similar to the Mitsubishi Lancer.

However, as reported by Paultan, Monday (02/08/2010) The new Proton Waja on
essentially a badge engineered from the Mitsubishi Lancer.

Proton and Mitsubishi are working together to make cars. In cooperation that began in December 2008 and allow Proton to take a car from Japan to replace the Proton Waja, while Mitsubishi took the Proton Persona and the MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) Proton to be marketed with a brand new Mitsubishi in some parts of the world.

Two producers of this cooperation as a step to address the increasingly hard competition in the world automobile industry.

SPESIFIKASI New Honda CR-V | Best Car IIMS 2010

SPESIFIKASI New Honda CR-V | Best Car IIMS 2010

Best Car IIMS 2010 is one of prestige car manufacturers car contest participants Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS). Last year the Toyota Prius to get this degree, and in 2010 was the turn of New Honda CR-V, who took home the same title.

Best Car of IIMS is considered voting visitors. In the year 2010 there are 1554 visitors who become respondents. And the new Honda CR-V have an option of 33.96 percent.

Beat other nominations. Like the Toyota Innova, Mazda2 hatchbacks, up to luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet and the BMW M1.

The new cars do facelift in February 2010 and this has the appearance of the front bumper rear fog lamp and new. Once the interior is also now equipped with TV monitors to replace the double din head unit. Electric seats and is equipped with four settings Way.

Still carry the i-VTEC engine with 2.354cc 170 dk strength, the new Honda CR-V sold at Rp. 386 million for type 2.4LA / T, USD 357 million for type 2.0LA / T and USD 346 million for type 2.0LA / T.

SPESIFIKASI Porsche Cayenne Diesel

SPESIFIKASI Porsche Cayenne Diesel
Well, blurred where? Of course with the Porsche name frill would run away if things can be done quickly. On the surface of asphalt, of course. Well, this time passing lane roads make matters worse aka off-road, still unable to escape? Obviously with the variant of the Porsche SUV, the Cayenne. Now comes the second generation, and tested on the track SCOP (Sentul City Off-road Park), Sentul.

Athletic Body
Porsche Cayenne was first launched in 2002 the same platform with the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7. Then experienced a facelift, and this time it appears with the second generation, who looked pretty much unchanged.

From afar, the new Cayenne looks smaller than its predecessor. And that's just a trick the eye alone, even greater dimensions than the previous version. Why is that?

Design your strengths that make this ride like a junkie bodied athletic sports, although still looked slim big. Some of the grooves on the body is made more pointed, especially the engine hood is designed with wide rounded up to the end of the muzzle of a shark-like grille.

In SCOP location, there are two models of the Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Cayenne S and Porsche Cayenne diesel. Now, turn the quota assigned to the solar drinkers grind aka dirt path off-road track in the area of Sentul, Bogor, it was.

Just like other Luxurious SUV, like the Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Volkswagen Touareg and Toyota Land Cruiser, cabin equipment arguably similar. Having a tuner equipped electric memory seats, individual air circulation, and other trinkets.

At the Porsche Cayenne is also equipped with air suspension, so the height can be adjusted to level the path impassable. Discovery did not like more specific suspension tuning in the field of off-road, more like the Touareg Cayenne which setting divided in Sport, Normal and Comfort. In this pathway Comfort option is used.

Automatic car height was increased. In order for the corners in the bigger pools on the road surface, so that baseball stuck with the body.

In addition there are other equipment on the Porsche is PTM (Porsche Traction Management). These appliances are also on other types such as 911 Carrera and the Panamera, but the Cayenne diesel, there is little difference, because it is used for off-road terrain.

To climb steep, Cayenne turbo torque feels this is far from enough to climb, let alone PTM dividing the front and rear traction wheels with self locking differential, which is the portion of the rear: the front of 60:40, to be divided again when one wheel loses traction with the aid of Antislip on the differential regulation.

Plus the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, so that the rear differential locked, so the traction to the road surface more leverage.

This time tested when passing a high mound, so that one wheel is lifted, traction is still good for three other wheels, while wheels that lose traction because the lift was going to stop the rotation through a coordinated braking with ASR and ABD.

Completed PHC (Porsche Hill Control) are also present, serves to hold the speed to be in 3 to 30 km / h on steep derivatives. However, at a negative angle where in addition to declining and tilted, slightly, to lump these functions, such as spoken Yuma Wiranata Kusumah, a seasoned off-roader as an instructor this activity.

"If you've experienced, better off just this functionality and control with the brakes, because this function is active when the car would be stuck alone and even slide the back," he said.

However, for ordinary drivers, of course very useful features in another brand called Hill Descent Control is. Stay wheel drive only, no need to worry mounts sliding uncontrollably.

So, with the Porsche Cayenne, other than fit for speeding on the asphalt, also still can be relied upon to 'flee' into the street without asphalt aka off-road.

SPESIFIKASI Cadillac Escalade | Incaran Maling Nomor Satu

SPESIFIKASI Cadillac Escalade | Incaran Maling Nomor Satu

Most cars are stolen in the United States certainly has its own advantages for the thieves, regarding the model or the expensive car value.

However, of the many cars were stolen in the U.S., there is one unit be a hobby car thieves. The car is a Cadillac Escalade.

As reported by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), Tuesday (08/03/2010), the Cadillac Escalade had ranked first in the list of most stolen cars in the U.S. ..

Insurance Institute also said the car that became the artist mounts one of them Paris Hilton managed to subdue the Hummer H 2 4WD, Nissan Pathfinder, Chevrolet Avalanche and GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Ford F-250 also 4WD prowess in the arena fights showing off thieves.

Choice of Cadillac Escalade thieves were not only seen from the large engine capacity that is brought, but the cars that use chrome rims that reflects if the car is an expensive car.

"The car the family and the efficient use of fuel oil is not in the list of stolen cars. The thieves prefer cars that rim chrome, big labor, and the engine," said Vice President Kim Hazelbaker HLDI.

Though Cadillac Escalade was equipped with immobilizers standard anti-burglar device which should prevent the action of the thieves. However, so great thieves, making the latest technology that looks stupid.

Previously, according to report non-profit National Insurance Crime Bureau's (NICB), the Honda Accord became the most coveted car thieves during the year 2008.

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Esemka | Akan Segera Meluncur | 17 Agustus 2010

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Esemka | Akan Segera Meluncur | 17 Agustus 2010

National automobile assembly work of children's Vocational High School (SMK), which will soon be one more step Esemka rocket on August 17, 2010 later. How to prepare?

"In the near future this type of test, in terms of very good products. It means the quality and strength Esemka until now, no problem," said Autocar Corporate Secretary, Industrial Components (AIK) Oki Sanyoto to detikOto, Tuesday (3 / 8 / 2010).

Oki explained until now there was no change Esemka launch plan. Esemka fixed to be launched on the anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day is no longer.

"Until there has been no change in the launch plan.'ll More clearly one week before D-day, is still taking care of licensing," said Oki.

There are two models to be launched the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) named Eagle and double cabin named Digdaya who adopted the engine capacity of 1800 cc, 2000 cc, 2200 cc and 2500 cc diesel. Meanwhile, the responsible marketing of PT Autocar already established cooperation with PT Solo Manufacturing Creative.

In terms of price, PT Autocar will membandrol of USD 140 million-USD 180 million. Both cars are assembled and developed by five SMK SMK 2 Solo namely, SMK 5 Solo, Solo Citizens SMK, SMK, and SMK Borobudur 1 Muhammadiah Singosari.

The government previously said it would support the national car.

"We only see in terms of exercise, they are now better focused in terms of learning, but we still support them," said Director of Vocational Education Ministry Joko Sutrisno some time ago.

Monday, January 10, 2011

SPESIFIKASI Chevy Aveo RS | Masuk Indonesia Tahun 2012

SPESIFIKASI Chevy Aveo RS | Masuk Indonesia Tahun 2012

American car manufacturer, Chevrolet seems really ambitious colonizing the Indonesian market.

After considerable success with the Spark in Indonesia International Motor Show and also plans to launch PM7 Orlando MPV, Chevrolet will also be kicked off with other products.

The plan will be issued Chevrolet Aveo hatchback their mainstay but with a face that is more sporty and dynamic that is the Chevrolet Aveo at Rs 2012.

"The plan came in 2012 Aveo RS. 2011 Orlando before coming," said Director of Marketing and Public Relations of PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (gmai) Debora Amelia Santoso in Rancamaya, Bogor, Tuesday (03/08/2010).

Aveo RS version was by Amelia is a new vision of the Aveo is certain to come up with scary faces and muscular malignant when viewed.

With this view the speed enthusiast and fashion lovers will surely love.

"But for more details we can not tell," lid Amelia.

Aveo RS was first introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2010 then. Together with the Spark and the Cruze, Chevy car trio hoping this could be a leader in the sector's fuel consumption.

SPESIFIKASI Zero Audi | City Car Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Zero Audi | City Car Listrik

BMW recently revealed his plans to make electric citycar Megacity, also Daimler smart model with ED. Then, if Audi does not drool? Of course, drool.

Therefore, the CEO of Audi, Rupert Stadler has confirmed that the German manufacturer will make electric city car in the next five years, as reported by Autoblog, Tuesday (03/08/2010)

Stadler says, almost certainly if Audi will also have electric citycar. Until now being developed, and Audi believe there is a time when electric city car is feasible marketed.

However, it remains unclear whether citycar electric Audi will be based from the concept of e-Tron A1 or smaller platform called Zero Audi.

"However, we certainly pleased to be joining with others to offer a battery-powered small car," Sadler said.

MODIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K 2005

MODIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K 2005

AMG body kit version 2 was applied to the Mercedes SLK has multiple aliases is nothing special. Indeed become more ferocious appearance, but his character is not sharp roadster. Incidentally the owner of Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K 2005 who did not want to mention who he has a trick to strengthen the character or appearance of the sedan kupe so eye catching.

With the help of Eric from home modifications Autoversion, they redesigned the front bumper are added to the custom lips follow the original contour AMG bumper. Then, at the bottom of the grille, his lips curve fitted. Left and right side made more inward.

To his side skirts also redesigned by adding a custom lips that still follow the curve AMG side skirts. At first sight, between the side skirts and lips like a fuse.

This is where the line is still a car that looks more ferocious and eye catching. However, the application of paint is selected only the important details. No lag, detail fin "Fin" in a custom hood made of fiberglass that was painted orange.

Also included on the wheel lip. Here's the four wheel Mercy DPE R05 wheels wearing Signature Edition 19x size (8.5 +10) inches above classified boards. It's just that orange color is not painted, but covered with stickers.

According to Eric, the concept of combining two contrasting colors on a rare car. "In fact, the concept of two tone on the tape recorder is currently endemic," says Eric.

SPESIFIKASI Zenvo STI | Mobil Super Pertama Denmark

SPESIFIKASI Zenvo STI | Mobil Super Pertama Denmark

Italian supercars from the ordinary. But what if your opinion of the Danish supercar. It is not unusual. Well, he called Zenvo st1, the first genuine supercar made in Danish.

Behind the concept is a sleek, Zenvo st1 carrying the 7.0-liter engine V8 supercharger 6 speed gearbox capable of generating power up to 1104 hp at 6900 rpm and torque of 1430 Nm at 4500 rpm. Wow awesome, hp 1104 power was believed to belong Zenvo higher than other supercars on average ranges from 500-800 hp.

To reach 100 kilometers per hour from point 0, Zenvo st1 only takes three seconds. While for the maximum speed can reach 375 km per hour is a pretty good performance as the first Danish race car.

By the company Hermann & Brandt and Zenvo Automotive planning Zenvo st1 produced only 15 units anywhere in the world with price 850 thousand euros, or about USD 10.5 billion.

The car was exhibited at the Dubai Motor Show recently. With skipper destination in the country's oil. Zenvo st1 seen carrying a high aerodynamic.

The first supercar exterior design does not lose the Danish-made to its rivals, namely the Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti. For business in, peg DVD, navigation, air bags, cruise control, rear view camera and audio system.

It seemed suitable for you who get bored with the Italian supercar, and Germany.

SPESIFIKASI Nissan Elgrand

SPESIFIKASI Nissan Elgrand

The arrival of Nissan Motor Co. CEO Carlos Ghosn to Indonesia, sweet fruits directly. After ensuring that the issue of Nisan March, Juke, and brought a brand new Infinity, Nissan is now re-create the breakthrough.

Of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) will soon introduce a plan MPV (multi purpose vehicle) Premium All-New Nissan Elgrand for the Indonesian market in first quarter 2011, following the Japanese today officially market the latest variants Elgrand in Japan.

"All-New Nissan Elgrand shall we marketed in Indonesia is the type of top-grade New Elgrand Highway Star Premium, imported directly in the form of intact CBU (Completely Built Up) from Japan," said President Director Takayuki Kimura NMI in a press release received detikOto, Wednesday (04/08/2010).

Reputation of New Elgrand not be doubted. MPV Nissan is known for its appearance is very luxurious, extremely comfortable ride, with interior multi-function high-quality unique.

Not only comfortable and luxurious, Elgrand offers an efficient fuel use, dynamic performance, and has been certified SU-LEV (super ultra-low emission vehicle) emissions reduced by 75% from the standard 2005. This car is a car that is environmentally friendly.

New Nissan Elgrand that will go to Indonesia is the type of top grades are Highway Star Premium for seven-passenger, with a capacity of 3.5-liter VQ35DE engine.

Xtronic CVT-M6 transmission that has been updated to improve fuel efficiency significantly, and make New Elgrand more powerful. Adaptive Shift Control system also supports the optimization while driving, putting together the performance of outstanding driving comfort with the use of fuel-efficient.

However, the NMI has not yet been released to disclose what price the previously crowded car was taken by General Importer (IU) of this.

With the presence Elgrand, MPV market premium next year would be more exciting. Because some car manufacturers are prepared with premium flagship MPV, the Mercedes-Benz first introduced the V350 at IIMS ago.

SPESIFIKASI Delica D5 dan Outlander | Masuk 2011

SPESIFIKASI Delica D5 dan Outlander | Masuk 2011
Delica D5


When Mitsubishi Delica D5 and Outlander ASX mejeng in IIMS 2010, had asked when it will be marketed in Indonesia? Marketing Director of PT Krama Yudha three Berlian Motors (KTB) Rizwan Alamsjah not provide certain word, the answer time in the exhibition, "We still want to see the market first."

On a test drive event which took place in paving ground Bridgestone in Karawang, Wednesday (08.04.2010) this gives a signal KTB plans to market both products next year. "We wants as soon as possible, but most likely new second semester," said Rizwan in Donegal, today.

According to Rizwan, today it is negotiating with the principals to bring the two models. Most likely the unit will be imported in full or completely built up (CBU) from Japan.

Attendance Delica and Outlander in IIMS, continued Rizwan, received a positive response from visitors. "At least three direct visitors came to me and want to pay the Outlander, but we can not sell," he commented.

About the price, a unit of around Rp 300 Outlander's millions. While Delica D5 welcome to enter more than that exhibited 4x2 type (type 4x4).

"If the price of 4x4 Delica be approximately USD 700 million-an, but if the 4x2 could be USD 600 million down the per unit. All is still considered uncertain," Rizwan beber.

ASX Outlander Sport is equipped with the latest crossover engine 2.0 L DOHC 16 Valve MIVEC inline. 6-speed automatic transmission with wheel drive system, electronically controlled with three configurations, ie, 2WD, the 4WD Auto, and the 4WD Lock.

Delica D5 engine while holding 2.4 L 16-valve DOHC MIVEC with INVECS-III CVT transmission 6-speed. Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is also equipped with paddle shifters and the 4WD system with three options for the same acceleration as in the Outlander.

SPESIFIKASI Lancia Stratos | Hidup Kembali

SPESIFIKASI Lancia Stratos | Hidup Kembali

One of the Italian car manufacturer, Lancia had legendary names in the arena of the world rally championship in the 1970s. At the time, they triumphed with his mainstay weapons Lancia Stratos by - among others - one of the famous Finnish pereli Pentti Airikkala.

Today (Wednesday, 08/04/2010), detective work photographer who snapped off a new Lancia Stratos again undergo tests in Fiat Group's Balocco test track a group Fiat. Shape, although a modern reinterpretation, but an icon and a car rally that has great performance, still radiates from the model.

As the use of a sturdy rear wing, then a special form of glass surfaces, is also equipped with features such as ultra-modern LED technology. Stratos prototype was actually already been introduced in 2005 at the exhibition in Italy.

According to a source, these new Stratos project was a European game of an industrialist who wanted to turn it back. With arrested are being tested it is not impossible to be manufactured using carbon fiber material for the body.

What makes the Stratos so famous? It was designed by Bertone specifically to follow the world rally championship in the 1970s. Name famous Lancia continue in the arena rally with the next generation, ie, Lancia Delta Integrale and the 1980s era of them driven by Markku Alen and Juha Kankkunen of Finland.

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Ford | Kenalkan Mesin Diesel Baru |Berstandar Euro 5

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Ford | Kenalkan Mesin Diesel Baru |Berstandar Euro 5

Over the last few years, the trend of the automotive world has really changed. Era of high-powered engine giant has now been abandoned. Even now more and more car buyers are interested in saving fuel consumption and low emissions. And low operational costs.

But for the business of transportation, the ability of the fuel consumption is lower of course more than just a problem of pride. Vehicles used of course has a high mileage daily. Therefore, diesel engines become so loved in Europe.

The automotive manufacturers realize this and strive to create a more efficient diesel engines to save fuel transportation business finance. One is Ford's announcement have developed their diesel engines to meet Euro 5 standard.

This machine will be used on the Ford Transit Connect and Turneo. With a capacity of 1800cc TDCI. This machine offers three choices of power output 75dk, 90dk and 110dk with 5-speed transmission.

What is unique is that the engine offers the same fuel consumption of 6 liter/100km thrifty with 160gram of CO2 emissions per km. To achieve 100km/jam takes just 14.4 seconds (110dk version) 17.4 seconds (90dk) and 21 seconds (75dk). Ford will also be providing long-wheelbase versions of these Euro 5 diesel cars.

What about diesel cars in Indonesia? It seems the government still had to do "PR" improve the quality of diesel fuel in Indonesia. Well when this technology to Indonesia

SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail Minor Change

SPESIFIKASI Nissan X-Trail Minor Change

Without a special celebration, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia or NMI launched sports utility vehicle X-Trail minor change. The main changes seen in the interior features with the addition of audio and this is done on all models, including versions Autech.

"Design of X-Trail minor change is more modern with more complete specifications, especially the entertainment features, comfort, and security," said Teddy Irawan, Vice President of National Sales and Marketing NMI, in his official statement received, today.

Audio devices in the form of head unit for type 2DIN 2.0 MT / Autech and 2.0 CVT / Autech. The type 2.5 St / Autech equipped DVD touch screen, including the 2.5Xt which coupled with a TV tuner applications.

Addition of these devices increasingly pamper owners to connect to digital music players like iPod and Mp3 player through the USB interface and Bluetooth. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity can also be used to answer the phone.

Other additions, at 2.0 CVT / Autech and 2.5 St / Autech imposed electric chair to adjust the position of the driver and front passenger seat. There is also a key intelligent features which are available on the type 2.0 CVT / Autech, 2.5 St / Autech, and 2.5 Xt easy access inside, locked the door, and opened the trunk with just one touch on the handle of the door.

Seen from the exterior, there was no significant change at all. Only, the main lighting enhanced with auto aimer and xenon lamp and headlamp cleaners for type 2.0 CVT / Autech, 2.5 St / Autech, and 2.5 Xt.
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